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Patty Howard

Artistic & Managing Director

Barbara Fisher

Co-Artistic & Managing Director

Christine Petrini

Children & Teen Program Facilitator

Patty has a performing arts background having trained for many years as a dancer, dance teacher, and choreographer. She has directed and produced, costumed, and choreographed as well as acted in musical productions for various theatre groups in New Jersey; she has created and taught children’s theater, dance, and visual arts classes. In addition to her work at Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts, Patty is a Theater, Arts Education, and Creative Placemaking consultant. She is an energetic change agent with passion and vision for economic prosperity and sustainability through the introduction of the arts in communities, always with a focus on social impact. Ms. Howard leads our performing arts team with Barbara Fisher and Christine Petrini.

After an extensive career working in Philadelphia museums and teaching French, Barbara owned and operated the Café Gallery Restaurant, where she curated and hosted over 300 art exhibits. Once retired from the restaurant business, Barbara returned to teaching French and continues co-directing the Lyceum Hall Center for the Arts. Mrs. Fisher curates our art exhibits and works as our business manager.

Christine is a performing artist, writer/children’s musician, teaching artist, arts administrator, and proud arts advocate. She earned an MA in Theatre and a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management from Villanova University. As the Program Director of Lyceum Studio, Christine is passionate about providing opportunities to amplify and empower student voices to create a safe and inclusive space for exploration, self-discovery, and creativity. At Lyceum Hall, Christine launched the Young Entertainer Spotlight Festival (YES Fest), as well as classes, camps, and the Musical Theatre Competition Troupe along with Barbara Fisher, Patty Howard, and Melanie Anderson.  In addition to her work in arts education at Lyceum Hall, Christine is co-creator of Big Idea Committee, a duo that blends musical theatre vocals and cello instrumentals to create an interactive and theatrical experience for kids. President Christine and VP Melissa (along with Karl the Cello) engage “BIG Thinkers” in the power (and fun!) of their ideas on a musical journey of creative play. Christine also co-founded Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF). She is committed to art for social change, creating opportunities and resources for women in theatre, telling women’s stories, and advocating for gender equity.

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